“Goodbye” from InFlux Partners

October 2022

Dearest Clients, Partners, Friends,

First of all, I hope you are doing well. Many of you I have not spoken with in a very long time. If you are reading this perhaps you were one of our beloved Clients at InFlux Partners. Or possibly I know you from an old-fashioned “cold call”, a Silicon Valley or NYC event, an introduction through the network, or maybe we worked together in one capacity or another.

Many of you know that In 2019, after 27 years in San Francisco, I made an abrupt move to Paris, France. After an interesting start (including a massive transportation strike followed by the Covid-19 pandemic), I finally found my groove and am planning to stay here long-term.

With change comes more change, and when I relocated my career slowly “pivoted”. Since 1996 I have worked in the High-Tech Search + Recruitment business. When I settled in France another career path emerged. I now need 100% of my work to be focused in this direction. And in order to begin the new I need to exit the old. So this is a “Goodbye” from InFlux Partners, a message to all with whom we (myself, my retired co-Founder George Ristad + our team) have connected.

I want to say a personal “Thank You” to everyone we served. You have all made a contribution to my life in some way, and I am ever grateful for the chance to have had each and every interaction through this work experience. There are frequent times I am reminded of one of you in a random conversation or negotiation. Often these past memories contain just the knowledge I need to push something forward (or not) in the present. So once again, thank you for being a part of my life!

If we are not already connected, please find me on LinkedIn. You can also visit us at dogloveoils.com (sold in the USA.) Our French brand, Pooey Mu, will be launched in 2023).

Thank you for reading this. I wish you the very best.

With Gratitude –

Sara Grace Newhall
InFlux Partners 2006-2022
Sara Grace Recruiting (SGR) 1998-2006