If you want to hire A-players stop canceling and rescheduling your interviews!July 27, 2016

This is for the hiring managers having a challenging time hiring A-players. Advice: stop canceling and moving your interviews!

You’re a CRO, VP or other, responsible for a monthly/quarterly and annual quota. In order to make your number, you need to hire the best sales team! Because you’re busy, you utilize internal or external recruiters to aid you in your search. If you’re working with a good recruiter, they will be bringing you A-players, who “don’t grow on trees”. Personally, I don’t like giving clients stories about how hard it is to find truly good talent (available within the needed timeframe), and when we do find it, we always alert our clients immediately. After 20+ years recruiting, I know we’ve sent a great candidate when our client responds to that submittal within the hour with a “yes”, they want to talk to that applicant.

So we setup the interview, which can be challenging (A-players are busy, they have current jobs, they are traveling, visiting customers, closing, etc). And you, the Hiring Manager are JUST AS BUSY. We get it. Scheduling can be like “trying to make two bullets connect in the air”. At InFlux Partners, with our strong internal process, we somehow manage to get the A-players setup for initial calls….

Unfortunately, for our clients, AT LEAST 40% of these interviews get RESCHEDULED (sometimes by the candidates, but most often by the hiring managers)! And when interviews with A-players get moved, you as a hiring manager lose momentum with that candidate! The candidate’s focus starts to go elsewhere, to other opportunities and offers. And even if you do get the call reset with that A-player, the chance of THEM then rescheduling is high. It’s Karmic. They know they now have a “get out of jail free” card to reschedule. Sometimes it can take THREE tries to get a call with an A-player confirmed. By then, the chance of that person having other offers (if they’re serious) is very high.

The moral of the story is this: don’t reschedule! I realize that there is ALWAYS going to be a slight chance of having to move a meeting, but, one key point to consider: schedule times for the interviews that you KNOW the likelihood of “putting out fires” is at it’s lowest. Like 7am. Or maybe 5pm. Or lunchtime. You know what works for you.

Don’t lose your A-player prospects to rescheduling!