Headhunting: Hiring Managers vs Human ResourcesOctober 04, 2016

The “triad” of Hiring Manager + Human Resources + Agency Recruiter aka “Headhunter” can be a tricky situation. Over the past 20 years I continue to refine how we successfully work through this delicate three-way relationship. 

In order for this 3-way relationship to work, everyone has to be moving towards the same goal.

The goal, hopefully, is finding the BEST PERSON for the position. 

What doesn’t work: 

  • When the Recruiter is not allowed to, ever, directly communicate with the Hiring =Manager.
  • Unless the internal HR professional is truly “on top” of scheduling, the search will NOT get filled via the Recruiter. (There are often :”too many moving parts”).
  • When the Recruiter and Human Resources Department compete to fill the same positions – if HR really has a great “pipeline” for a search, the Agency will most likely fail in filling that position, a total waste of everyone’s time.

Things work well when:

  • The Hiring Manager and the Recruiter have a direct, working relationship; the Hiring manger can then communicate DIRECTLY to the Recruiter regarding his or her feedback on the candidates and interviews.
  • The Human Resources professional and the Recruiter have a good communication channel, and they are able to collaborate on the search(es), offers, benefits and “closing the offers”.
  • The triad of the: Hiring Manager, Human Resources and the Recruiter are all “on the same page”, working to get the candidates they want to hire, hired!

I welcome any comments or suggestions from Hiring Managers + Human Resources pros. ~sg