In Business (and in Life), don’t leave “loose ends”.August 24, 2016

How you exit, or “tie up” any interaction is immensely important! As a part time Yoga Teacher, I have learned that how you release a posture is just as important as how you get into and preform the asana. How you exit your interactions affects your future, whether you choose to believe this or not, the Karmic Value of a “poor release” can reverberate for months (or years)!

Personally, I’ve not always been the absolute best at “closing the loop”, or getting back to people (or breaking up with people). And to be clear, when I say “loose ends”, this can mean people (or tasks) you have been “putting off”, so long that months (or years) may have gone by. Lately, I have become much more aware of making sure to “tie up loose ends” and not leave people hanging, with clear, honest communication, in a timely manner. And I’ve discovered, the more I consciously get back to people, the less likely others are to leave ME in the dark.

So, what does it mean to not leave “loose ends”? It means sending that quick email or text, and perhaps letting that person know why you didn’t hire them. The truth is better than no answer at all. Or maybe it is a salesperson who has been reaching out to you for months – it takes 2 seconds to say “no”, and “close the loop”. On a more positive note, perhaps it is calling your niece to congratulate her on graduating from University because she worked so hard, or calling your dad to tell him you love him (before it is too late).

So ponder this: Who do you need to get back to? What voicemails and emails do you need to return? Is there anyone you said you’d “follow up” with “in the future” that you’ve put off? (It is also better to “cut people loose” versus dragging a non-relationship out for no reason). By no means should you be tied to your technology devices “returning calls and emails” 24/7, all I’m saying is, try to get back to people in a timely manner!

Not leaving “loose ends” means wrapping up your business (or personal) affairs, so you can open up your time and space for the things YOU want to happen in your life. Once you start paying attention to really closing out properly with the way you exit your communications, you WILL notice that the way others relate with you suddenly lacks “loose ends”.