Bringing your *A* GAMEJuly 21, 2016

As Woody Allen once said, “80 percent of life is showing up”. True.

And for professional business meetings and interviews, when you do “show up”, make sure to bring your *A* GAME. If you focus on your *A* GAME you will most likely have more than an 80 percent chance of a positive outcome in whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

What do I mean by *A* GAME? It is more than just showing up…..

Bringing your *A* GAME to a meeting means:

  • arriving there (15 minutes) early and being fully present for the time you’re there. You’re definitely in a good position if you’re the 1st to arrive. It also gives you time to secure the best seat at the table.
  • turning off your mobile phone.
  • ordering water for the meeting participants.
  • doing your research in advance.
  • having notes and questions ready.
  • bringing an extra pen and pencil.

If you’re prepared and ready, you will have a chance to influence how the meeting goes. Bringing your *A* GAME also:

  • allows you to set your intention and focus on what you’d like the outcome to be.
  • helps you relax, so you remember to properly close out the meeting  (setup next steps, pick a date for follow up), and to send a “thank you” note or email.

Personally, I view the preparation as more important than the actual meeting itself. Often it takes hours to get fully ready for a 5 minute interaction. If you show up with confidence, looking your best and apply the techniques outlined above, your meeting should go well MORE THAN 80 percent of the time!